Bixea coin

You may be heard about Bitcoin a crypto currency, it was launched in 2009 at minimum price but now you can google about its high demand and its high price.

Just like Bitcoin Bixea company, World first multi-use & multi rewards token
Powerd by
BTT and Shiba coin
has launched their crypto currency with amazing facilities, you have never seen before, we will disclose it in this article.

Bixea coin has value as your real 💰 money issued by your government in your country. This coin can be used as you pay by Paytm wallet to any merchant by scaning the QR Code. Isn’t amazing?


Bixea uses staking method. As you have to choose Packages for your account.

Package 1

100$ to $499 (180% in 540 days)

Package 2

500$ to $999 (190% in 540 days)

Package 3

1000$ to above (200% in 540 days)

You will get 180%, 190%, 200% sequentially in 540 days of your invested amount. And you will be surprised to hear that in mean while you may use those amounts (your base amount and benefits) for any utility bill payment or any purchase, as you pay by Google pay, phone pay, Paytm or other.

If you hold the amount in your account you will get the benefits of Growing value of Bixea Coin, Because time and demand will increase the value of your Bixea coins this benefit is seperate from fixed benefits.

A short list of industries where you may pay by this Bixea coins as real money.

BIXEA can be used in almost every industry. This is something that makes this crypto currency multi-utility. The list of industries it can be used, but it is not
limited to the following only:

2.Bill Payment
3.Credit Card Bill Payments
4.Electricity Bill Payments
5.Water Bill Payments
6.Gas Bill Payments
7.LIC Premium Payments
10.Flight bookings
11.Real estate
15.Forex trading

Android Application

BIXEA COIN account can be managed by its easy to use android application, You may see your all account details like your token balance, your level income your transactions, reward & its goals, transfer status of tokens, payment to your bills, QR Code scan and pay option.

Hurry up its beginning and you just have to invest as your budget allow and hold or use its benefits.

We will talk about its benefits

As like others all the qualities and benefits are available but Bixea coin has more than others give.

There are 3 types of benefits in this as follow …

  1. Affiliate (Referral Program)

Bixea coin will will give flat 5% on direct referrals, which is amazing for example you are referring someone with token amount 10000 you will get

5% as 500 INR. As you complete your direct referrals you will unlock level income. For level income read next…

2. Level income plan

After few referrals you will see the level of your level income plan. It will increases as you reffer more you get more passive income in this level income plan. As shown in chart below.

3. Rewards

As you complet the target for rewards value you will be get that rewards.

For more information Visit their website or download the application from google play store.

Just Grab your coin as your budgets alow to invest for more benefits. It’s prive may hike anytime because of their amazing plan. As explained above. If you have any doubts and suggestions please write in comment box.